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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – The humming word

Ice Bucket Challenge, A buzz word. Now a days every where you go, you hear about Ice Bucket Challenge. When life is full of challenges, why the fame names are taking “ICE-BUCKET” challenge only? Every hour we get the feed about a new ALS Ice Bucket challenge accepted by some well-known personality somewhere in the world. This continuous buzzing news has inspired me to dig out more.

10 Amazing products to make life easier

Life is hastening these days. We always keep looking for new products, innovative ideas to make life easier. Don’t you ? Some time very small innovation can save time and effort and make a lot of difference in our life. Some of us are so enthusiastic about our lovely planet and always look forward to opt a way where comfort can be gained in environmental friendly way.

In this post, I am exploring some new innovative products which are capable to make difference and you might not have noticed yet.