10 Amazing products to make life easier

By | August 24, 2014

1- Biolite Campstove

Biolite Campstove by biolitestove.com

Biolite Campstove by biolitestove.com

How about the Camping with a stove? Yeah! Absolutely a cool idea to cook something, make tea or to boil your favorite noodles while you are camping. But it takes carrying additional heavy expensive and polluting petroleum gas.

The Campstove can cook your meal and boil anything with just the twigs which you collect on your journey. It is very quick to light and it not only cook your meal it does much more. Really… When you cook your meal it converts the heat from fire into the usable electricity. This stove can recharge your phone, light other gadgets too.

2- Citrus Spritzer 

Citrus Spritzer - Portable Juicer & sprayer

Citrus Spritzer – Portable Juicer & sprayer

When squeezing a lemon in your fresh salad, forget about the bitter seeds. You should have stem in your hand.  It sprays juices directly to your salad, from any citrus fruit with just a press of your finger.

3- Vittel Refresh Cap 

Innovative Vittel Refresh Cap by Ogilvy Paris, Reminds you to drink water.

Innovative Vittel Refresh Cap by Ogilvy Paris, Reminds you to drink water


Ogilvy Paris innovates an irresistible way to remind you to drink more or equal to 8 glasses of water, which is the recommended quantity. A splendid design of the bottles cap remind you to take a drink. It’s flag available on top of the cap pop up automatically when the timer goes off.

4- VOCCA – Voice Activate Bulb Adapter

Vocca-Voice activated Bulb Adapter

This small unique gadget connect to any bulb adapter/socket and enables it to be operated with voice command. It can sense the voice up to 15 ft. No need to go to the wall to switch the button to make your bulb on or off. Just say the magic words “Vocca switch light”…and it’s done. So simple, isn’t it ?

It takes much less time than any other available way to put your bulb on or off. Whether you compare it with any apps driven methodology or your physical moves.

Instead of replacing your bulb, Vocca comes in the form an adapter that screws onto your existing E27 socket.  It can take any E27 bulb

Seems good ? Find more on kickstarter.com

5- Lifestraw personal water filter

Lifestraw- The award winning personal water filter

Lifestraw- The award winning personal water filter

LifeStraw is an award-winning personal water filter, designed to provide safe, clean drinking water in any situation. The lightweight filter is ideal for hiking and camping, travel, emergency preparedness and survival. It makes contaminated or suspect water safe to drink.

This same high-tech design used in places like Haiti, Pakistan, Peru, Kenya, Indonesia, DR Congo, South Africa, Mexico, and Bangladesh is now available for consumers.

6- Solar Power Socket

Solar Power Socket available on Amazon.com

These cool looking small sockets attach to your windows and generates solar power. This allows you to charge your smartphones and laptop before let the battery die.

These environment friendly material ABS has capacity of 1800mAH and can be circularly used for 500 times. It can be fully charged in 10-15 hours under a strong direct sunlight.

To buy & find more details click here.

7- Fin – An Amazing Wearable Ring

Fin - Cool technology enabled ring

Fin – Cool technology enabled ring

How about changing Music tracks, volumes or Radio channel while jogging or driving ? Do you also find it tough ?  So wait is over. Wearfin.com has come with a solution in form of cool wearable ring.

An innovative technology which makes your palm as numeric keypad and gesture interface with a wearable ring. After wearing this you can control your music players, smartphones, smart TV’s, head mounted devices and much more devices.

Fin – Amazing Wearable Ring – How it works

Fin can recognize each segment of the fingers uniquely and convert your palm in numeric keypad. It just reads different gestures of your palm and corresponding values control the connected devices.

 It uses smart Low Energy Technology such as Bluetooth for Communication with connected devices.

8- Walkie Talkies Stealth

Walkie Talkies Stealth

It is true that mobile phones are fantastic mode of communication but depend totally on radio signals. So in case there is no signal, you do not need to worry about. Here comes the Walkie Talkies Stealth.

Whether you are on an adventure or you are playing in a room, these duos  plays a brilliant role in communication. This little gadget can keep you in contact with friends and relatives at all times.

There’s no complicated buttons or procedures you have to go through to get in touch with your pals, just a simple push to talk mechanism.

9- Little Printer

Very small size printer by littleprinter.com

Missing your loved one, away from them? Just send messages, photos, smileys to little printer at your home. It will give a print out immediately.

Working late? Send the sweet kisses to your baby. Immediately it will print out in images. It is beautifully designed and looks so attractive. It can be connected wirelessly through a bridge. Sounds interesting??…Want to try??… Go ahead.

10- Waterpebbles

Color full water pebbles saves water

Are you a planet lover? Ah…I know that the answer is “YES”.

So start your bit to saving water with WATERPEBBLE. It is a revolutionary device that is designed to take the effort to saving out of water. Waterpebble has a unique way to work and help you to reduce the water usage. It is a small clear device that monitors water going down the Plug hole. It memories your first normal shower as a benchmark and then start indicating daily with three traffic lights Green to Red.

Green Indicates “normal”, Amber indicates “you are almost halfway through” and Red indicates “Time to stop”.

Every time you take a shower, you just need to place it near the plughole and start it. You may find it is encouraging you to reduce the water usage. It has reset button for next use too.

World is full of wonderful things, ideas & peoples who are committed to make livelihood better. If you have more amazing ideas & products, please let others know by leaving your valuable comments.

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