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How to Secure your Facebook account from Phishing

Is your friend’s Facebook account is hacked? Did you found something malicious in his feed, which you think It should not be? Did you get any obnoxious video in his feed? This may be intriguing in other manner but you have to be cautious. Caution:- Don’t Click on that! This afternoon, I noticed similar thing on… Read More »

How to download videos from YouTube and Facebook

It is bit un-easy if you want to download any of the videos from YouTube or Facebook. A typical process for downloading video from YouTube involves opening multiple windows in your browser and using or using YouTube downloader application. However it allows you the multi functions to do with the Video, like converting in… Read More »

Bitcoin – The Fast Emerging Virtual Currency.

Is a new currency going to give a dynamic change to payment solutions worldwide? The future predictions say that it has a glittering future for sure in I-Gaming and Casino industries. Yes, I am talking here a new type of cryptocash “Bitcoin”, which is gaining popularity day by day. Well it is still controversial as people are having different perceptions, views and bet over it. Some people say it is going to change the world and some says it is just a cult.

The technology is very interesting as the views and the buzz coming from global leading firms and renowned people tickled me to share a concluded report on this freaky thing.

Everything you wanted to know about E-cigarette

Though we know about the harm and adverse effect of the cigarette consumption, increasing demand completely shows the ignorance of statutory warning. On the contrary, some nicotine replacement products are making their space rapidly in market. E-Cigarette is one of them. In this post I am concluding the facts on E-Cigarettes.

WiFi Radiation – Facts, Health Risk & Protection

If I would be father someday, I would peculiarly support my child’s to use wired internet connection rather than going for wireless. Also let me tell you the reason behind this. It is that the doctors and scientists around the globe have warned against unnecessary exposure of children to RF/microwave from wireless technology and recommend safer WIRED internet connection instead, both in school and at home.

In this post I am writing about some unseen aspects of the WI-Fi radiation and some precautions to minimize the demonization of it.