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How to Secure your Facebook account from Phishing

Is your friend’s Facebook account is hacked? Did you found something malicious in his feed, which you think It should not be? Did you get any obnoxious video in his feed? This may be intriguing in other manner but you have to be cautious. Caution:- Don’t Click on that! This afternoon, I noticed similar thing on… Read More »

How to download videos from YouTube and Facebook

It is bit un-easy if you want to download any of the videos from YouTube or Facebook. A typical process for downloading video from YouTube involves opening multiple windows in your browser and using or using YouTube downloader application. However it allows you the multi functions to do with the Video, like converting in… Read More »

How to Optimize Download Folder in Windows 10

  While you are enjoying the graphically rich and an elegant look of Windows 10, you must have faced the awful moment opening your favorite “Download” folder. It is taking a long time saying working on it….to index all your downloaded stuff and populate it. Well! It is just because of non optimization of the… Read More »

Twitter Android App can convert GIF to Video

Did you ever come across a situation in which you found a very interesting animated GIF on twitter and wanted to share it with your WhatsApp Friends. You could easily share it with WhatsApp by clicking on share button, right?. But in WhatsApp, GIF don’t play. If you want to make it playable in WhatsApp you have to convert GIF in video and then share it to WhatsApp. Of course this extended process does makes you crazy sometime and slowdown your zeal of sharing nice videos in groups.

For this problem I have got an easy solution. If you are twitter user , you need not to install a GIF to video converter app to convert a GIF to video. You can use Twitter app to do the job. Read this post to find out the trick

Remotely Control Android Devices with Teamviewer QuickSupport

TeamViewer is a computer software for controlling Desktop from remote location. It also supports Online Meetings, Webconfrencing and file transfer between two computers over internet. TeamViewer has been a true companion for support people for a long time. To use teamviewer you need not to be computer Expert. You can access your mobile devices (Andoroid, iOS, Windows & Blackberry) from any PCs as you were accessing PCs from PCs earlier. To access Mobile device from PC you need to install Teamviewer QuickSupport.

Read only usb drive in Fedora – Resolve issue without formatting

I have a 8 GB USB drive. I plugged it to copy some important data yesterday, and suddenly it mounted as read only in my Fedora Linux. As an typical ignorance at first time, I plugged it out and re-inserted to check whether it works normally. It was chaffing, but I realized that the issue has occurred earlier and I solved it after formatting. But this time I had important data and wanted to resolve this issue without formatting disk

How to measure distance and area in Google Maps

You can use Google Distance measurement tool to find out exact distance between two or more points. If you are runner, jogger or cyclist and want to know how much distance you travel, you can use this tool. In this post you can find out the quick way to measure distance between two points, either it’s a straight road or Zigzag paths. You can also find out the area of any field by using Google measurement tool.

How to play candy crush saga online for free ?

Candy Crush Saga is a most popular game on internet today. According to Business Insider it is a most downloaded app on iOS for 2013. You can find people playing this game everywhere. If you are a game lover and crazy about games, you must try this game. This article explores about this awesome game’s features, How to play, and tips to score high.