Everything you wanted to know about E-cigarette

By | December 20, 2014


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What is an E-Cigarette ?

E-Cigarette also known as electronic cigarette is a vaporizer which is battery powered and it completely imitate the conventional way of smoking by emitting mist. The electronic cigarette was invented by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik. So there is no smoke, no ash. And good thing, if you do not like smell, it is available in different flavors like Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and many more.

E-cigarette are of three types :

1- Disposable E-Cigarettes-Disposable E-Cigarettes are very popular and less expensive cigarettes. They look like the conventional cigarettes. The advantage of these is that they are very small in size and if required cartridge can be replaced after consumption. But the bad thing is, they have very less battery life.

2- Refillable E-Cigarettes-Refillable E-Cigarettes are the better version of E-Cigarettes and bit more expensive than the disposables. This is the best option for a normal and regular user as it allows you to refill the cartridge with a very nominal expense. The best thing about these that your first kit will come with two cigarettes, so when you are inhaling one, you can charge the other one

3-Advanced E-Cigarettes- Advanced E-Cigarettes are the higher and upgraded version of E-Cigarettes. These comes with more power packed options to adjust and boost the performance. You can adjust the power of the atomizer which creates vapor. Hold for a second here. However it is the best yet not recommended for the first time users. It is advisable to start with a normal starter kit and make the cloud!

How it works ?

An E-Cigarette consist three major part 1. A Cartridge 2. A Chamber for vaporization (Atomizer) 3. A rechargeable lithium battery. When the battery powers the E-Cigarette and as it is connected to the vaporization chamber, it creates the vapor. While lighting it, the smoker attach a cartridge containing nicotine or flavor. The smoker take the tip of the cartridge in lips and inhale in the same conventional way.

E-Cigarette Components

E-Cigarette Components

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E-Cigarettes vs Regular Cigarettes

electronic cigarettes vs regular cigarettes info-graphic

electronic cigarettes vs regular cigarettes

 Infographics source : visual.ly

Where you can get them ?

I know, it sounds sexy and tempting…really.. That’s why here is a column where you can easily get your desired flavor, brand of E-cigarettes.

Disclaimer : We are not affiliated to any seller listed above. Links are only for convenience of readers.

Side Effects of E-cigarettes

US Food and Drug Administration is still studying. I wish to share a research report from FDA on E-Cigarettes. Click here to open report in new tab. The potential risk of E-Cigarettes are still vague. As per a report, several adverse event was found including hospitalization and sickness. Some of them are-

In a nutshell, the E-Cigarette is neither a clear alternate for conventional cigarette to get rid of nicotine nor a inhaling joyride having green flag. So, inhale it at your risk…

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