WiFi Radiation – Facts, Health Risk & Protection

By | November 16, 2014

“WiFi” (Wireless). Is this a demon? Does it has a this big of evil side which i was not aware till i got the news from my friend? It was shocking to me. My friend had a new born baby with abnormal physical structure. The Doctor says, it is just the consequences of the WiFi radiation effects which are coming from the Base Transformer Antenna installed on their roof.

That news make me curious to know more on the dark side of WiFi radiations. In this post I am writing about some unseen aspects of the WIFi radiation and some precautions to minimize the demonization of it.

Health hazards

Wifi radiation

“Wi-Fi” The thing is almost everywhere, whether it is your office, your home or your school. Wi-Fi is there. Some of you may know them by their brand name, say BELKIN, D-Link, Airport Extreme, Net Gear, Linksys and many more. WiFi nonetheless known as short form of “Wireless Fidelity” but merely it is a name chosen by Wi-Fi Alliance. It is a certified and standard way to connect to the wireless network. It was introduced in 1947. Apart from the ability having to connect through the internet it has lots of other uses. For example, you may print your documents from any corner in your room and you may stream your favorite music to WiFi enabled speakers. You found it so simple without juggling with wires, all connected! Sooo gooood.

 Is WiFi radiation health hazards ? What do facts say ?

Although WiFi is an amazing technology but it has its dark side which need to reveal. If we speak technically, WiFi as radio signals transmits at frequencies of 2.4 GHz to 2.5 GHz. This frequency significantly quite high than the frequency used by cell phones and walkie-talkie devices. WiFi modem uses a dangerous electromagnetic radiation to send their signals. As frequency is high, it has some peril effect on the human body.

A clinical research shows that 3.4 micro watt per square meter is the average radiation from a RF exposure. Whereas if you sitting nearby your modem or it is place in a nearby living area, its radiation vary from 100 micro watt per square meter to 1000 micro watt per square meter. It is multiple times higher than the normal measurements which can cause biological damages. You may watch this link for a live test.

Video courtesy : EMF Safety Zone

From the inception of WiFi researchers kept digging on the dark side of it. “Scientific America” took a leap during mid of 2008 and published an explanation on health risk due to WiFi radiation. It was called “MIND CONTROL BY CELL PHONE”.

WiFi radiation side effects

Microwave radiation - wifi health hazards

Beware of radiation

How to minimize WiFi radiation side effects ?

I am not against the WiFi totally at all. There are several ways to avoid radiation risk and staying healthy. Here are the three things which can help.

Cutting down the radiation

You should use your cell phone only where signals are good. The weaker the reception, the more power your phone use to transmit, and the more power it uses, the more radiation it emits. So that time dangerous radio waves penetrate into your body. Keep all electronic devices like alarm clocks, radios, WiFi modems and cordless phones away from your sleeping area. I normally unplug everything in my bedroom every night when I go to sleep. And I don’t just put my computer to “sleep”, I shut them down completely. So do I suggest you the same.


Stop WiFi

Make your Immune system stronger and better

Taking a healthy diet is a good start for your immune. It fights with WiFi radiation and low the effects on your body. Taking healthy diet means eating fresh fruits, meat, organic food and vegetables. Drink a lot of filtered water. Use glass and ceramic clay mugs, glasses, water bottles, etc. Take extra antioxidants (like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Selenium, and Grape Seed extract) daily to stop free radicals produced by EMR (electromagnetic radiation) and “last but not least” Exercise 5 days a week for at least 20 minutes long. Exercise is very much essential as this will strengthen your body and flush toxins better than anything.


Healthy Life

Use WiFi radiation shielding devices

The most important part of your home is “WALL”. So walls and ceilings needs to be carefully painted with special carbon paint. The paint is organic and water based. While you are fitting your windows, you should care about the material which suits to stop radiation. You may purchase a Tri-Field meter and measure WiFi radiation.


We really do care about you and our society. “Liking” really accelerates us! If you have any suggestion or opinion to make the world smarter without compromising with health, we love to hear from you. Please leave your valuable comments.












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