How to measure distance and area in Google Maps

By | December 6, 2014
How to measure distance and area in Google Maps

Google Maps distance measurement

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Google Maps provides distance measurement tool which can be used to measure distance and area in Google Maps. An important feature in this Google Map distance measurement tool is “As crow files”. So, if there is no road or viable walking paths or driving route then you can use this feature to plan jogging path & cycling route. You can even  draw a characters and shape on the map for fun. You know the best thing is that you should not to be worry about the special traits and skills for this. It is so simple as described in this post. Let us take a start.

Measure distance and area in Google Maps

Steps to Measure Distance 

  1. Right click on the point A. and select ‘measure distance’ option on drop-down list.
  2. Now find destination point, say point ‘B’.
  3. Click on point ‘B’. A line will appear from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’.
  4. Drag line holding any point on line to change the route.
  5. To remove extra points just click on that point.
  6. Total distance appear on the map bellow search bar. You can also find the distance along with path.

 Steps to Measure area

  1. Find out the field which area you want to find out.
  2. Right click on starting point and select ‘measure distance’ on drop down list.
  3. Click anywhere on the border of the field.
  4. Drag the line and create shape.
  5. Match starting and ending point of the Line.
  6. Total area and distance appears bellow search bar on the map.

 Distance measurement in classic Google Maps

If you can’t find “Measure distance” on right click drop-down menu. You might be using ‘classic Google Maps. In this version, distance measurement feature is not enabled by default. To measure distance you can upgrade your Google Maps to latest version and try again. To upgrade maps you will get “Get it now” button in left side panel.  I would recommend to upgrade to “new Google Maps”.

Upgrade classic Google Maps to new Google Maps

If you don’t want to try New Google Maps, you’ll first need to turn on the distance measurement feature.

Steps to enable distance measurement features (Maps Labs)

  1. Click on “Maps Labs” in the bottom of left side panel.
  2. Select “Enable” option of distance measurement tool.
  3. Click on “Save change”.

Steps to Measure distance

  1. Find out your location & starting point.
  2. Click on ruler button in the bottom-left of the map.
  3. Click on starting point.”A”
  4. Click on ending point.”B”
  5. Adjust your path.
  6. Find the distance on the left side panel.


Distance measurement tool for android devices

Google Maps Distance measurement tool is not available on Android devices yet but good news is, a great tool Maps Measure  from  is available in Google Play Store. In this tool you can measure distance as on Google Maps. In this app you don’t get flexibility to drag and drop as you get in “Google Maps” so you need to be careful when creating path.

  1. Download Maps Measure From here.
  2. Run app and find your location.
  3. Tap on the starting point. A red dot will appear.
  4. Tap along side your path and cover all the distance.
  5. To delete unwanted node, Click on the “Recycle button” on the top of the map.

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