How to Optimize Download Folder in Windows 10

By | March 30, 2016


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While you are enjoying the graphically rich and an elegant look of Windows 10, you must have faced the awful moment opening your favorite “Download” folder. It is taking a long time saying working on it….to index all your downloaded stuff and populate it.

Well! It is just because of non optimization of the download folder (specifically in the case of Windows 10), you are bound to have patience when you are excited to click on your favorite downloaded TV series.

Don’t be a poor cat. We can optimize the download folder in Windows 10 without any hustle. Here is the fix depicted with the below snippets. Prior to start, let us first understand, why it happens? Actually it happens because, by default with a scratch installation (Without Customization) of Windows 10 the download folder holds properties which is optimized for Pictures. By changing it to “General Items” and save it, you can instantly access the folder inside.

Here we go:-

  1. Right Click on Downloads folder -> Go to Properties

Download Folder Properties

2. Click on Customize tab, you can see the status “ Optimize this folder for” is set to Pictures


Default Settings

3. Click on the drop down menu and select “General Items” and apply and save it.

General Items

Optimize for General Items

You can try these settings to optimize for others slow loading folders too. It can save more than of 10 seconds of your precious time 🙂

You are already familiar with the Windows family and enjoying an Innovative, productive and more secure pack from Windows. If you have anything to add in, please leave your valuable comments in comment box.

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