How to play candy crush saga online for free ?

By | September 5, 2014

Candy Cursh Saga is match-three type of video game where player manipulates tiles to remove them and gain points. In Candy Crush Saga, there are over thousands of level which players have to clear. In each level there is a different game board filled with colorful candies & obstacles. For example, in some level you have to get some minimum points to clear the level & in other you have to clear all the jellies and there are some level in which you have to bring ingredients to the bottom of the board in given number of moves. We will discuss about level in details later. Seems difficult ? No its not too complected to understand. Start playing & you will understand the game very well. Like every games its also start with easy levels and get  more difficult level by level.

 Where to play ?

You can play candy crush saga on

This game is also available for Androids, iOS and Amazon Kindle. You can download from

On handheld devices(Smartphones, Tablet, iPhone, iPad etc.) its not necessary to always remain connected to internet to play game. You can play it offline and it will sync automatically when you are online next time.

Facebook is the best place to start. Although you can play it on also but there you have to create new account and you find unknown co-players. Many times while playing candy crush you need help from them to get life or pass the level. On facebook you need not to create new account for candy crush saga and co-players are from your friend list already playing games. Convinced ? So lets start on

Play Candy Crush on facebook

Candy Crush Saga Dashboard and elements

Candy Crush Saga Dashboard

When you start game, this dashboard appears. The dashboard has following elements

  1. Gold Bars
  2. Lives
  3. Episode
  4. Trophy

Gold  Bars

Gold Bars are currency of Candy Crush World. You can use gold bar to skip tough level, purchase extra life etc. You get some gold bars for free from games and if you need more can purchase gold Yeti shop. There are some other ways also to get gold bars for free.

  • Fill out easy surveys on
  • Listening online music.
  • watching videos.
  • Writing forums etc.


Lives are the turns you get to clear the levels. You start playing game and every time you fail to clear the level you loose 1 life. You gets 5 lives when you start playing game and after 30 minutes you gates 1 life and maximum 5 at any point of time. So if you exhausted all the lives you have to wait for some times. If you don’t like to wait you can

  • Ask to friends for lives.
  • Purchase Lives

When you run out of lives you get both option there. You can select what you like.


Candy crush word is divided in episodes like – Candy Factory, Candy Town, Lemonade Lake etc. Every episode contains 10-15 levels and once all levels in an episode are clear you enter in next episode. From 3rd episode every episode is locked and to enter in locked episode you must get tickets from three friends on If you have gold bars you can use Gold Bars also to unlock the episode.


Trophy is also referred as champion title, winning trophy or winning cup. In every episode player get trophy with their facebook profile pic on it. If you you get most number of stars in all level of an episode you get trophy with you facebook display pic.

Game is just not about to clear the levels, real fun is in achieving highest score and to do so you can not depend only on matching three candies. There are some tools like Special Candies, Combinations of special candies, boosters etc. which help you to gain score better.

Special Candies

When you match more than three same candies in same row or column, special candies are formed.

Striped Candy – To form striped candy you have to match 4 same colored candy. Striped candy clear either an entire row or a column when again matches with same colored candies.

Wrapped Candy –  When you matches same colored candies in T, L  or + shape with 5 or more candies this type of special candy is formed. Its acts like a bomb which clears 8 surrounding candies and again fall and blast.

Color Bomb–  When you match 5 same candies in the row or columns, a color bomb is formed, again on swapping with other candy it clears all that colored candies on dashboard.

Other Candies

    • Jelly Fish
    • Coconut Wheel
    • Lucky Candy
    • Extra Time Candy
    • Mystery Candy
    • Chameleon Candy

Combinations of Special Candies

When you swap above mentioned special candies some amplified effect happens.

Combination of Stripped Candies

Candy Crush Saga Striped candy

Combinations of striped candies

Combination of Wrapped Candies

Candy crush saga

Combination of wrapped candies

Combination of Color Bombs

Candy Crush Saga

Combination of Color Bombs

Combination of Striped Candy and Wrapped Candy

Candy Crush Saga

Combination of Striped and wrapped candy

Combination of Striped Candy and Color Bomb

Candy Crush Saga

Combination of Striped Candy & Color Bomb

Combination of Wrapped Candy and Color Bomb

Candy Crush Saga Combination of wrapped and Color Bomb

Combination of wrapped Candy and Color Bomb

These are most popular combinations. Besides these, many more combinations can be created.

  • Striped and Jelly Fish
  • Striped and Coconut Wheel
  • Wrapped Candy and Jelly Fish
  • Wrapped Candy and Coconut Wheel

For full details of combinations, click here

General Tips & tricks for higher score

  1. Matching 3 candies is “Ok” but to boost you score, always try to create special candies and use combinations of special candies
  2. Don’t believe on suggestions given by game. Do what you think is right.
  3. Try to remove blocker, Candies in corner and give preference to moves in bottom.
  4. Use boosters wisely. Don’t waste them.
  5. You can reset your board without loosing life. If you find candies setup is very messed up and you don’t like, Don’t just play to get new board. It will waste your time and life both. Click on the exit button on dashboard and again load that level.

Please Note – This trick works on handheld devices only. On facebook if you exit you will loose one life

You are ready now to enjoy candy crush. To start game click here. When you click on level to start game it will show invitation screen. Close all the the invitation screen by clicking on cross button on top right corner, if you click on invite button it will send request to friends selected, which may irritate to them. So please be careful. Practice makes a man perfect. I am sure, you will learn more tips & tricks while playing. Please do share your findings here by commenting.

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I love this game…you helped a lot with new tricks..


This website was… how do I say it? Relevant!!
Finally I’ve found something which helped me. Cheers!

Olivia Jasso

Cant open t.his game


Hi Olivia Jasso,

You can play game here –

or If you use facebook you can play candy crush on Facebook also. To play game on facebook click here –

I’ll be glad to answer your any further question on this.