Everything you wanted to know about E-cigarette

Though we know about the harm and adverse effect of the cigarette consumption, increasing demand completely shows the ignorance of statutory warning. On the contrary, some nicotine replacement products are making their space rapidly in market. E-Cigarette is one of them. In this post I am concluding the facts on E-Cigarettes.

How to measure distance and area in Google Maps

You can use Google Distance measurement tool to find out exact distance between two or more points. If you are runner, jogger or cyclist and want to know how much distance you travel, you can use this tool. In this post you can find out the quick way to measure distance between two points, either it’s a straight road or Zigzag paths. You can also find out the area of any field by using Google measurement tool.

WiFi Radiation – Facts, Health Risk & Protection

If I would be father someday, I would peculiarly support my child’s to use wired internet connection rather than going for wireless. Also let me tell you the reason behind this. It is that the doctors and scientists around the globe have warned against unnecessary exposure of children to RF/microwave from wireless technology and recommend safer WIRED internet connection instead, both in school and at home.

In this post I am writing about some unseen aspects of the WI-Fi radiation and some precautions to minimize the demonization of it.

How to play candy crush saga online for free ?

Candy Crush Saga is a most popular game on internet today. According to Business Insider it is a most downloaded app on iOS for 2013. You can find people playing this game everywhere. If you are a game lover and crazy about games, you must try this game. This article explores about this awesome game’s features, How to play, and tips to score high.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – The humming word

Ice Bucket Challenge, A buzz word. Now a days every where you go, you hear about Ice Bucket Challenge. When life is full of challenges, why the fame names are taking “ICE-BUCKET” challenge only? Every hour we get the feed about a new ALS Ice Bucket challenge accepted by some well-known personality somewhere in the world. This continuous buzzing news has inspired me to dig out more.

10 Amazing products to make life easier

Life is hastening these days. We always keep looking for new products, innovative ideas to make life easier. Don’t you ? Some time very small innovation can save time and effort and make a lot of difference in our life. Some of us are so enthusiastic about our lovely planet and always look forward to opt a way where comfort can be gained in environmental friendly way.

In this post, I am exploring some new innovative products which are capable to make difference and you might not have noticed yet.