Remotely Control Android Devices with Teamviewer QuickSupport

By | February 17, 2015
Teamviewer QuickSupport for Smart devices

Teamviewer Quick Support

TeamViewer is now available for android devices too. Did I say TeamViewer client for android ? No.. Not at all. I am not talking about TeamViewer client for android from which you could access PC from you Mobile devices. Now you can access your mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry) from any PCs as you were accessing PCs from PCs earlier. To access Mobile device from PC you need to install TeamViewer QuickSupport.

So join the remote rescue team with these three simple steps :

  1. Install TeamViewer Quick Support on Android Device.
  2. Install TeamViewer on your PC/Laptop.
  3. Get Your partner ID and connect

In this post I’ll be using Windows Laptop for Accessing Mobile device and Android Phone as a remote mobile device. However you can access any mobile device including iOS, Windows and Blackberry.

If you have used TeamViewer on desktop and expecting same functionality here you will be disappointed a bit! To have complete remote access of android device you need to have TeamViewer QS Add-On installed on Android devices and sadly TeamViewer QuickSupport QS Add-On is not available for every device. Although you need not to find Add-on and install yourself. If it is supported on your Android device, it will show “Add-On available” dialog box when you start TeamViewer Quick Support first time on Android. From that dialog box you can download and install “Add-ON”.

Don’t worry if your Android is not supported, still you can access it remotely with limited features. 

How to access android device remotely ?

If you have used TeamViewer on PCs earlier, it is a piece of cake for you. Don’t worry if you have not used TeamViewer earlier it doesn’t mean it will be complicated to you. Just follow these simple steps and you will be good to go.

1- Install TeamViewer Quick Support on android device which you want to access from your PC. Find the links bellow.

  Google   Play

TeamViewer QuickSupport is also available on iOS and Windows Mobile Devices

   App    Store    

Windows Store

2- Download TeamViewer from bellow links for your Computer

3- Start TeamViewer on mobile device, wait for ID in “Your ID” section.

4- Start Teamviewer on PC. Type ID in “Partner ID” box and click Connect.

Connecting Remote Android Device from PC

Teamviewer QuickSupport


To connect successfully remote user has to allow the connection. If connection is successful you will get remote access of Android device.


TeamViewer QuickSupport Dashboard on PC

TeamViewer QuickSupport Dashboard


Click on “Remote Control” to get live session of Android device.


TeamViewer QuickSupport - Android Live Session

TeamViewer QuickSupport – Android Live Session


If you are not getting Remote Control button. It means QS Add-on is not supported on Android device.

TeamViewer QuickSupport features without “Add-On”


What you can do with TeamViewer (without QS Add-on) ?

1- Chat & Poke

2- File Transfer – Transfer File from PC to Android and Android to PC.

3- Access clipboard – You can push complicated and long text like login credentials or server addresses more easily. It is so easy than typing the credentials and long addresses remotely.

4- Get information about RAM, CPU, Storage, Battery etc of Android Device.

5- Real-time Screenshot – The Real Time screen sharing gives a 100% possibility to assist app users and troubleshoot any of their problem. For real-time screenshot you have to make screenshot request by clicking on ‘Request screenshot’ and on mobile device your partner have to take screenshot manually. To take screenshot on Android devices, Every make have different shortcuts, most of Android devices supports “Power off + Volume Down”. As soon as screenshot is taken it will automatically appears in TeamViewer on PC.

6- You can get list of installed Application and Uninstall them.

7- Get information about running processes.

8- Change WiFi settings.

9- System Log – For advance users system logs may provide valuable troubleshooting information.

What you can’t do with TeamViewer QuickSupport (without QS Add-on) ?

1- No feel like working on local android device.

2- Can’t access every settings Like Bluetooth, call settings, Dual SIM Card settings. Although you get WiFi settings.

3- Can’t change appearance settings.

4- No unattended access. Every time you need to access devices your partner must allow the device to accept connection first. This feature is not available with Add-on also.

Data Security

I know that security should be our top most concern in the whole described scenario, but you need not to worry at all! In every session, devices are encrypted with highest level of security (256 bit AES session encryption). It ensures a super secure support.

About company

The Company is one of the world wide leading solutions for desktop sharing and online collaboration over the internet. TeamViewer GmbH is Germany based and was founded in 2005 and is completely focused on development and distribution of high-end solutions for online collaboration and communication


So, in a nutshell TeamViewer is good for support activity. It has most of the features which you may need to provide support on android devices.

Although you can’t access android via USB cable or Bluetooth network using teamviewer. If you are looking for something like that , then here is another app for you “Mobizen

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Jaimin Upadhyay

I have a install team viewer and quick support in 2 Android phones but when i connect 2 phone it is showing msg features not available


i have installes teamviewer quick support on a android devide n windows pc. (TeamViewer QuickSupport features without “Add-On”) but as you have shown in your post i can not access files on android device using pc
Is there in solution