How to Secure your Facebook account from Phishing

By | April 21, 2016


Is your friend’s Facebook account is hacked? Did you found something malicious in his feed, which you think It should not be? Did you get any obnoxious video in his feed? This may be intriguing in other manner but you have to be cautious.

Caution:- Don’t Click on that!

This afternoon, I noticed similar thing on one of my friends page. I was tagged in that post. I promptly responded him on it after removing the tag first.

This could be malware, which is designed to take unwanted steps on behalf of you.This can collect info from your account. It can send status updates or messages on behalf of you. That look like they are from you, or cover your account with ads that crash your system.

Take a preventive action and restore your account with a clean login. Please follow the steps. I am depicting with the taken snaps while cleansing my account.

Step1)-  Open Facebook help page- Phishing section

Step2)- Click on the “secure it” showed in picture below.

Help Page

Secure It

Step 3):- Follow the process to secure your account, It will ask you to clean up all last suspicious posts,likes and comments from your friends.


Getting Started

Step 4):- Once it is done, you will be prompted to create your new password. Remember you can not choose the password used in past.

Activity Done

Activity Done

Additionally you should scan your system/computer with a trusted anti-virus scanner for removing malicious viruses. Facebook has a list of their partnered vendors. You can choose any one of them. They are listed below:-

It is safe to use an updated version of your browsers, no matters what you use. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or Internet Explorer. Latest versions have built in security.

Have you encountered the same thing with you? How did you manage with that? Please help others too by commenting on the comment section?

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