Twitter Android App can convert GIF to Video

By | April 8, 2015

Funny Despicable GIF

Twitter started supporting animated GIF from 18-Jun-2014. This you all know very well but you might not know that these animated GIFs on twitter are not a real GIF. These files are video files (mp4). When you upload GIF on twitter, Twitter convert GIF to video files and embed them in your tweets.

So if you are using twitter app on your android phone, you have a GIF to video converter on your phone and you can utilize it to convert GIF to video.

How to convert GIF to Video

Here are 3 simple steps to convert GIF to video using Twitter App on Android.

1- Tweet your GIF. Now Twitter will convert you GIF to video.
2- Open Temp location where twitter save files.
3- Copy these files and change extension to .mp4.

Hate the geeky steps? Don’t worry, follow below steps –

1- Post your GIF on Twitter
Post / Tweet GIF on Twitter

How to post a GIF on Twitter

2- Open the temp location where Twitter saves files.

Open file explorer, If you don’t have file explore installed in your Android phone, You can download it from Google Play. I am using ES File Explorer it is available for free on Google Play. You can download it from this link.

Open location – /sdcard/Android/data/

How to browse files in Android ESExplorer

How to browse files and folders in Android

3- Copy  file to your desired location and change extension to .mp4

Select file you want to copy. To confirm you can play file from ‘more =>Open as => Video’ option.

If you are not sure, select all files except ‘journal’ & copy files and paste them at your desired location, say ‘Movies’ folder.

Change extension  to .mp4

Select copy paste files in esexplorer

Select & copy paste files

Change extension of files in Android using esexplorer

How to change extension of files in Android

How to share GIF from Twitter to Whatsapp

Now you know all GIF on twitter are actually video files and when you play these GIFs (Videos) in Twitter Android App these video files get downloaded in temp location with .0 extension.

So if you want to share any GIF from tweet, You can copy these files from temp location and after changing extension to .mp4 you can share them on WhatsApp or anywhere you want to. See steps above.

Do you have something to add in this story which can be valuable to our readers ? Trick did not work on your phone ?or have any suggestion, Please let us know in comment box.

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Woaa! Nice article after long gap. Cheers!


Thanks Nick.


This app allows you to download GIFs and videos from Twitter, hope it does the trick!

Amit Singh

Well said Dorian..Thanks,, long way we came with this..

Swati sharma

Since WhatsApp has been released for Laptops, my chatting experience has turned out to be easier. While working in office, instead of picking up my phone and answering to the WhatsApp chats again and again, I just open my WhatsApp app on Laptop and reply to important chats in no time. It is quite convenient and comfortable for me to open WhatsApp on the big screen, thanks to WhatsApp!