How to use Google Password manager to retrieve your forgotten password

By | September 11, 2016


Hey Internet Surfers! Have you ever been surprised what happens when you choose to save the password for any website by just clicking YES on the Google Chrome Dialogue Box.

Uh oh. Silly Question!

It’s obvious that it stores your password somewhere deep in itself. But Where?

Google stores a list of usernames and passwords that you have typed in Google Chrome or Android for logging into several websites. They have a website also, where you can view all these passwords in plain text. That helps you lot in case you have forgotten your password.

It is very important to know about this and what are the possibilities which can help you to integrate it with Google’s solutions – Web App, Mobile App and Android.

Let’s take a situation, You have logged in your twitter account for the first time on your Chrome Browser. You set your password quite strong to fulfil the password complexity requirement and really hard to remember. Now at the time of signing in, Chrome asked to save you this password for next time use. You chose YES.


Now you have checked all your tweets, re-tweeted some of them and finally you are good to logout. Next time when you are logging, you do not have to provide your password again as Google has the information about it and will be taking directly to your account.

After some time, you forgot that password you created and you need to login somewhere on any other device. Now what? You have two options: – Either you try to remember the password or just go ahead and reset the password.

Hold On! There is third option which is quite easy. All you need to do is just login in your Google account. Go to the Google’s password manager link It will re-ask for your Google password to login. Provide the same and you have all the username and passwords list information in front of you. 

Generally, passwords are encrypted but you can see them in plain text format. Steps are depicted below to make it more clear.



It will list all your visited sites, Username used and passwords. By clicking on the EYE button you can see those passwords in plain text. Great! Now you have retrieved your password without hassle.

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